Our Initiatives

Acknowledging that so many facets of human existence are broken and in desperate need of a re-boot, we must use these same skills of inventing something where there was nothing before, and enter into the fray with that mindset. We recognize this historical moment as a rare opportunity to define a “new normal” and tackle the toxic societal mindset of “I, me, my, mine.” We need to recover community responsibility, and the time is now. 


Our mission is to create a dynamic community of innovators and experts, dedicated to advancing the field of autonomous agents through practical, real-world and social good applications. We aim to bridge the gap between theoretical AI research and practical business solutions, providing a platform for collaborative development, evaluation, and implementation of cutting-edge autonomous AI agents.
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Our Circles / Causes

Our organization is not limited to one particulate cause but aims to develop a “fleet” of teams and modalities comprising a virtual “shipyard” for sharing knowledge and brainstorming solutions to the world’s current challenges. This is an open forum committed to transparency and led by no ulterior motives but seeking the truth. 

Each of these is part of the umbrella of foci that Radical is devoted to helping solve and create a community of experts and those willing to become experts to help tackle. 

UkraineNow: Humanitarian Aid & Infrastructure for Ukraine

A global decentralized effort to help Ukrainians and other nations deal with the humanitarian crisis and consequences of a brutal invasion by the Russian Federation.

Supporting Open Science & AI Research

There is a growing trend of collaboration beyond instituions and organizations that is fueled by the growing responsibility amongst individual members of our society. Crowdsourcing and citizen science is becoming a necessary component of a strategy to solve most pressing problems.  
At CoronaWhy and PolyAgent communities we are building a Common Research and Data Infrastructure for Open Science that can be used by researchers coming from various scientific communities involved in COVID-19 research. This distributed and scaled infrastructure follows Reproducible Science and FAIR principles and should be suitable for other important scientific challenges such as cancer and AIDS research.

Ethical Sourcing & Native Communities

Indigenous land rights are under attack around the world. While indigenous peoples claim customary rights to more than half of the planet’s lands and forests, governments have acknowledged their legal right to use or own just 18% worldwide. This is much more than a legal issue, or even an economic one: Land plays an integral role in the cultural, spiritual, and religious lives of indigenous peoples worldwide.

We aim to raise awareness about the current mineral usage, sourcing and relationships with native populations to support communities and individuals through our network of partners, educators and volunteers.

Safeguarding Natural Habitats & Ecosystems

Our societies have been neglecting the importance and delicate nature of the world around us. As a result we are observing an increase of natural disasters and cataclysms, which could be prevented by a proper education, support and preparedness of populations. 

We aim to raise awareness about the most pressing climate and environmental issues to provide an immediate support to efforts designed to preserve and safeguard vital ecosystems that we rely upon.


Our Press

"Machine-learning expert, Artur Kiulian, a Kaggle member in Los Angeles, is coordinating around 800 experts world-wide to work on different aspects of the data set." Read More
"One of the challenges, Kiulian says, is taking unstructured data combed from thousands of research papers and turning it into something more manageable."  Read More
"We are observing a ‘data Renaissance’ period where previously unmotivated companies are forced to open up the channels of communication to establish meaningful cooperation,” Artur Kiulian, a Los Angeles-based artificial intelligence expert, said of the Biogen study. Kiulian is part of a “moon shot” project mobilizing volunteers from around the world to study COVID-19 data. He is answering the call from the White House Coronavirus Task Force to help. He has named his project CoronaWhy." Read More
"Now, more than ever, we need data scientists and developers to be trained for building AI that can eventually interpret data. And just as we want to be sure that medical drugs have been developed by highly qualified researchers and been used with instructions, we expect to have rules for using AI technologies and develop principles. AI can help researchers scour through the data to find potential treatments and other solutions, something that the CoronaWhy non-profit project is trying to accomplish."  Read More
“A great analogy is hammers. It’s a tool and it doesn’t instruct you how to swing or where to hit but when you do use a hammer to hit a nail - it’s a game changer, and that’s exactly what we are doing right now”